Computer Repairs

Laptop screen broken? Computer running slow? Worried your computer might be infected? We are here to help. With our team of qualified technicians we are here to solve any of your hardware/software needs.

Things to Look Out For That Might Be a Virus:

  • Pop Ups

  • Malware

  • Blue Screens of Death

  • Hard Shutdowns

  • Internet Connectivity Issues

  • Anti-virus Software Disabled

  • Receiving Strang Emails

  • Adware popups on your Facebook

Hardware Repair

Virus Cleaning

Viruses are hard to detect and sometimes even harder to erase. At Genius Repair we go through our detailed checklist to make sure everything is clean from viruses and malware.

Virus Cleaning and Removal Starting at: $79.99

At genius repair we can fix all your computer hardware needs.

Laptop Screen Repair Starting at: $129.99

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